A Five-Time Offender Makes More Sense Than Cuomo & NYS Democrats


NYS Governor Cuomo and his fellow Democrats passed so-called “bail reform.”  Since its January 1st implementation, the new law has put Empire State residents’ personal safety at significantly greater risk.  Not a day goes by without another story highlighting dangerous criminals released without bond, reoffending at the expense of innocent New Yorkers.

Here are just some of the most recent examples of this madness:

Eugene Webb, a homeless man, was set loose on Friday after allegedly punching women in separate attacks a few hours apart. He was re-arrested for aggressive panhandling just a few hours later.  Webb’s alleged punch was so powerful it knocked out two teeth of one 23-year-old victim.  “His rap sheet includes four other arrests, and prosecutors asked for a $10,000 bail. Yet, under the new rules, the judge let him walk — only to have him harass passersby on the street just hours later…”

Jordan Randolph was charged with drunken driving in a fatal crash on Sunday in Suffolk County. He was released on his own recognizance the following day. Prosecutors said Randolph was convicted of misdemeanor DWI in 2011 and felony DWI in 2016 and 2018.  He had been arrested on January 1st, charged with trying to interfere with an ignition interlock device requiring drivers to pass a breath-alcohol test before starting their car.  Randolph was charged with his second felony DWI. He’d driven a 2014 Cadillac ATS into the rear of a 2015 Ford on William Floyd Parkway at 4 a.m. The driver of the Ford, Jonathan Armand Flores-Maldonado, 27, was pronounced dead soon after.

Also on Long Island, 61members of name brand gangs have been released without bail. In Nassau County, 21 bangers received “get-out-of-jail-free-cards”, while Suffolk’s number was 41.  They are likely back in the same communities they’ve been terrorizing, emboldened by the understanding there are now, compliments of Cuomo and Democrat politicians, about 400 crimes they can commit without having to post a dollar in bond.

Law enforcement sources say, Gerod Woodberry, arrested last week for the robbery of four banks, got his free pass and promptly stuck another one up the next day. Woodberry was refreshingly blunt about his mind-numbing good fortune.  “I can’t believe they let me out,” he reportedly gushed. “What were they thinking?” As of Monday, he was still on the loose in connection with the fifth holdup.

We’re on board with Mr. Woodberry’s assessment of this no-bail travesty.  We are also left to wonder, with Cuomo’s push to allow felons voting privileges, how soon they’d be able to run for public office in New York.

Given Gerod Woodberry’s refreshing insight and honesty, in at least this matter, he’s already a more able candidate than Cuomo or any New York State Democrat who voted this menacing legislation into law.

“What were they thinking?”  Gerod, they weren’t thinking.

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