MSM hails Joe for 1st all-female comms team, only its the 2nd, Trump was 1st


The media is gushing over the marvelous Joe Biden and his alleged firsts as the fake president-elect. It took Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist to point out that MSM’s claim that he chose the first all-female presidential communications team is bogus.

Donald J. Trump is the first to appoint an all-female communications team.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Matthews, a woman, noted that the Trump administration’s communications team is entirely female-led right now.

Kayleigh McEnany is the current press secretary for President Trump, the third woman in a row to hold that role for the current president. She is also the third mother in a row to hold that role.

Communications Director Alyssa Farah is a woman who has served in communications roles with the Trump administration for more than three years.

The vice president’s communications director is Katie Miller. She is a woman.

The first lady’s spokesperson is Stephanie Grisham. She is a woman who previously served as President Trump’s press secretary. And Karen Pence’s director of communications is Kara Brooks, also a woman.

The press is regaling Joe’s appointments of [far-left] women as barrier-shattering.

ABC News apparently doesn’t know. Forbes is claiming history is made, and they don’t seem to know that Trump made it. Slate thinks it’s the first-ever. Washington Post and NPR also thought it was a first.

The other possibility is that they are all lying like they lie about everything.

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Chef Burger
Chef Burger
3 years ago

Historic! None of them are hot like MCE though! Bwahaha, hee har. Thoughtcrime as that be so sexiss.
Looks are skin deep and fade but beauty goes to the bone and never fades.
They are going full 1984 and pretending like the Trump Revolution never happened.
Memory holing the past four years is easy after the Plandemic.
Have you heard about this Long Dark Winter bio-weapon exercise from 2001?