MSM hails Joe for 1st all-female comms team, only its the 2nd, Trump was 1st


The media is gushing over the marvelous Joe Biden and his alleged firsts as the fake president-elect. It took Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist to point out that MSM’s claim that he chose the first all-female presidential communications team is bogus.

Donald J. Trump is the first to appoint an all-female communications team.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Matthews, a woman, noted that the Trump administration’s communications team is entirely female-led right now.

Kayleigh McEnany is the current press secretary for President Trump, the third woman in a row to hold that role for the current president. She is also the third mother in a row to hold that role.

Communications Director Alyssa Farah is a woman who has served in communications roles with the Trump administration for more than three years.

The vice president’s communications director is Katie Miller. She is a woman.

The first lady’s spokesperson is Stephanie Grisham. She is a woman who previously served as President Trump’s press secretary. And Karen Pence’s director of communications is Kara Brooks, also a woman.

The press is regaling Joe’s appointments of [far-left] women as barrier-shattering.

ABC News apparently doesn’t know. Forbes is claiming history is made, and they don’t seem to know that Trump made it. Slate thinks it’s the first-ever. Washington Post and NPR also thought it was a first.

The other possibility is that they are all lying like they lie about everything.

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