Restaurant owner in LA won’t shut down & strand workers before Christmas


Republican congressmen could learn a lot from the courage of the owner of a Redondo Beach restaurant.

Governor Newsom is shutting everything down again and exempted the entertainment industry, claiming it’s essential. It’s hard to get your head around that. The only one worse than Newsom is LA Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Alex, the owner of the restaurant, Eat at Joe’s, says he’s defying LA County orders to close outdoor dining because it’s not about him, it’s about all the workers that rely on him for livelihoods, and he can’t leave them stranded right before Christmas.

Alex Jordon has owned Eat At Joe’s for about two decades. He said the hypocrisy of Gavin Newsom having a meal at French Laundry was the catalyst for his decision to keep his outdoor patio open, KCRW reporter Benjamin Gottlieb said on Twitter.

Gottlieb said officers from the Redondo Beach PD came by to order takeout, saw what was happening, but didn’t do anything. This is one of the disconnects between public health orders and law enforcement, Gottlieb said.

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