MSM Keeps It Quiet- Biden’s WWII-Era Lend-Lease to Ukraine


Ukraine officials now say Russia used chemical weapons in Mariupol, a city currently in Russian hands. This is a red line for many leaders in the West. It could lead to direct war and a Third World War.

On Newsmax’s ‘Stinchfield’ last night, Stinchfield interviewed KT McFarland and both agreed China wouldn’t join in the fight with Russia. Both also said there are no Nazis in Ukraine, however, there are some. How many we can’t say. The duo presented no evidence to support either conclusion.

It’s not only Newsmax reporting pro-war news. It’s almost all of the media and most politicians. Just remember, all of the Germans supported the wrong ideas also.


Some experts say there is little evidence chemical weapons were used.

Ukraine forces in Mariupol say “a poisonous substance of unknown origin” was used. But since then, evidence to corroborate this was a chemical weapons attack has proved harder to find.

Ukraine wants the West to enter the war despite the fact that they are not NATO, and it does make one skeptical of their reports.


Now, we hear that Democrats, with Biden in the lead, have resurrected the lend-lease program. Every senator supported it, from Bernie Sanders to Rand Paul. As you may be aware, this program was the precursor to US entry into World War II.

It will give crazy Joe the unfettered ability to send weapons to Ukraine. God only knows what the man will send. It would effectively allow the U.S. to gift equipment to Ukraine, while technically requiring payment at a later date. That would be the payment we would never receive.

The new bill, if enacted, could see the U.S. government “lend” or “lease” supplies to Ukraine to defend against the Russian invasion. Biden could fulfill the role played by Roosevelt in the 1940s and provide even more supplies to Ukraine.

In other words, our Republicans are joining up with Democrats to make Joe Biden into Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a hero to many for his wartime successes.

Reporter Michael Tracey writes, “There was actually a robust, and even bitter debate over the original “lend-lease” in 1941 — a full 31 senators ultimately voted against it.” He quoted Sen. Burton Wheeler (D-MT, “Remember, if we lend or lease war materials today, we will lend or lease American boys tomorrow.”

Never forget, Obama and Soros like war and want to unseat Putin and Xi. They are behind the curtain in the Oval Office. Their staff floods the offices of the White House and the Executive agencies.

They need a color revolution, a socialist revolution.

We’re just trying to be the canary in the coal mine.

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