MSM spreads Red China propaganda, says term ‘Wuhan Virus’ is ‘racist’


The Wuhan virus, as people have called it since we became aware of it — based on its point of origin – is now a “racist” term. One person who labeled it racist is a prominent reporter named David Guru who contributes to MSNBC, NBC News, Bloomberg TV, Marketplace, and NPR. He has a big megaphone.

The PC nuts are trying to make non-racist terms into racism. They want to control the language to control our thoughts, ultimately.

They started to make this claim after the Secretary of State used it and Red China balked.

It’s an absurd comment. It’s only called the Wuhan Virus since it originated in Wuhan, not because people are prejudiced against the Chinese people. Perhaps he should go back and condemn people who call the Spanish flu, the Spanish flu. That flu didn’t even originate in Spain.

The only reason the media is upset with the term ‘Wuhan Virus’ is that the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo used it.

The media is actually spreading Red China propaganda. The Red Chinese say SOS Pompeo is “slandering the country.’ They want to control our speech also.

The U.S. media is now doing the work of the Chinese Communist government that seeks to control us.

We found this montage of the media calling it the ‘Wuhan Virus.’

CNN has been calling it the ‘Wuhan Virus.’

CNN is also condemning the term since the Secretary of State used it.

More Media propaganda:

The social media trolls have picked up the slander of SOS Pompeo:

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