MSM Stirs Up Racial Hate After White People Attack Riverboat Worker


Police said Monday that arrest warrants had been issued in connection with a riverfront brawl in Alabama’s capital.

CBS reports:

[It] showed a group of White people pummeling a Black riverboat worker, an exchange that sparked a massive fight.

Maj. Saba Coleman of the Montgomery Police Department said there are currently four active warrants and more could be issued after authorities review more footage. Police said Sunday that several people were detained, and charges are pending.

Video circulating on social media showed a large melee Saturday that appeared to begin when a crew member of a city-operated riverboat tried to get a pontoon boat moved that was blocking the riverboat from docking.

A White man shoved and punched the Black crew member, according to a video taken by a riverboat passenger and published by WSFA. The conflict escalated when several White people joined in on attacking the Black crew member. A separate video shows that several Black passengers then confronted the pontoon boat group after the riverboat docked, sparking another brawl that was largely split along racial lines.

Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed said police will hold a briefing Tuesday to provide an update on the situation.

A black man hit a white woman with a chair. She was hurt. We don’t know how badly yet.

CNN report:

Richard Roberts, 48, was charged with two counts of third-degree assault, and Allen Todd, 23, and Zachary Shipman, 25, were each charged with one such count, Albert said. The chief described the three as White men who were connected to the private boat.


The fight largely broke down along racial lines in a city with a fraught history of racial violence. Investigators looked into whether there was enough evidence to charge for a hate crime or inciting a riot, but the actions did not meet the criteria, Albert said.

The victims in the assaults were identified as Damien Pickett, the Black co-captain of the riverboat, and a 16-year-old White male.

Police also asked that a Black man who was seen in the video swinging a folding chair contact them for further questioning.

Emphasis added.

This is the problem with the media and this story so far:
  1. They love to mention when aggressors are white – although we don’t have all the information.
  2. They love to stir up racial unrest.
  3. CNN went right to racial history from the late 1800s to early 1900s. What does that have to do with this incident?
  4. Do we know it was racial?
  5. When white people are victims, the perpetrator’s race is ignored, and the story dies.

Why can’t the media get the details first? I hate the media.

In the video, the riverboat worker said something to the pontoon boaters, who weren’t supposed to park their boat there. We don’t know what he said. A fight ensued between a white 16-year-old and a black riverboat worker. Others tried to pull the black fellow off the white kid since he had the upper hand, then others jumped in.

The inciting a riot is ridiculous. This is a brawl. No one planned it.

Why jump right to the racial aspect? It was an argument over parking a pontoon.

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