Donald Trump Makes Some Impressive Promises


Donald Trump told a New Hampshire audience at his rally that he would follow President Dwight D Eisenhower’s model and conduct the largest deportation operation in U.S. history. He said he would marshal all necessary local, state, and federal resources to make it happen.

If this isn’t done, the foreigners who came and are coming in illegally will determine the future of America. We have no idea who they are. We do know that terrorists, criminals, the Chinese military, and Russians are among the numbers pouring in. Haiti is a violent, out-of-control country, and Haitians are pouring in. Are we so naive that we think only nice Haitians are coming in?

Deportation is the only thing that will save this country. Could he, would he do it?

Critical Race Theory is an anti-American divisive ideology. It needs to be gone yesterday, along with Woke. Donald Trump promises to do it.

It would be nice to see every military person rehired if they even want the job back, and Donald Trump said he would do that too.

No other candidate is making promises like this.

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