MSM takes press secretary out of context to make her look anti-science


Press secretary Kayleigh McEnany explained at today’s press conference that science supports sending children back to school and it does.

Media outlets and personalities, and their comrades, maliciously took the press secretary’s quote out of context to fraudulently make it sound like she didn’t care about the science even as she went on to explain science supports reopening schools.

Mrs. McEnany called it media bias, but this isn’t bias, it’s flat-out lying. They’re just making up stuff now.


For example, there is the Daily Beast:

The far-left ‘Now This:’

And The Hill:

Here is another example of the foul garbage that one sees on Twitter:

The science does support sending the children back to school but Democrats don’t want that. They are afraid it will help the President. They don’t care about people, just the agenda.

Watch Dr. Rand Paul as he explains the science:

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John Vieira
John Vieira
3 years ago

If anyone is unaware of the fact that the Main sewer Stream fake Media is adhering to an agenda of calumny and detraction, as dictated by their “handlers”, by now, they are in serious need of a “mental do-over”