MSM will have a big problem with Monday’s pro-2nd Amendment rally


There is an annual pro-Second Amendment rally in Richmond on Monday that will draw a huge crowd. We have someone on the ground there who wishes to remain anonymous, but we will get the truth of what is happening and we will have video.

You probably heard that the Democrats, especially Governor Blackface, are terrified the white supremacists will descend on the city.

There aren’t a lot of supremacists, but Democrat leaders want you to think there are. The government found three potential white supremacist suspects, that’s it. Three!

The rally itself became the subject of controversy after Virginia Governor Ralph Northam declared a state of emergency citing “credible intelligence” of “groups with malicious plans” to appear at the rally.

The FBI on Thursday arrested three suspected neo-Nazis who were planning to attend the rally. One of the men is a former Canadian army reservist, and all were linked to a group called The Base that aims to establish a state populated only by whites.

Governor Blackface declared an emergency and no one will be allowed to carry guns to the rally.

Won’t it be funny if Governor Blackface unites everybody.


Antifa is going, but, instead of taking the offensive, they are marching with the pro-Second Amendment groups, along with the Socialist Rifle Association and other unlikely suspects.

The Richmond-based Antifa Seven Hills is joining 2nd Amendment supporters in support of gun rights.

The Antifas probably want their guns so they can kill MAGAs. Actually, they say they are taking part because gun control has a racist past.

The media is already comparing it to Charlottesville and that is probably how they will report it. What the media doesn’t want you to know is Democrats also have guns and also like to hunt or go target practice. They even like to defend their families.

The MSM will face a conundrum if Antifa gets violent. They usually defend them and blame the right for everything that goes wrong.

The people planning to rally are from all walks of life, and they are all races.

Mark Robinson recently gave a pro-gun speech in Virginia, and as you can see, he’s probably not a white supremacist.

“Not one inch on the 2nd Amendment,” he said. He says he is anti-communist and anti-socialist as he discusses the common-sense element in gun rights in this clip.


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3 years ago

Antifa will be there purely as agent provocateurs. They should be surrounded during the march by a group of burly motorcycle group members with “March Marshall ” arm bands on with orders to keep the Antifa pussy cats in line.k

3 years ago

America has a BIG PROBLEM with the MSM.. They need to Eradicate the Propagandists.

3 years ago

Love this man and his message.

3 years ago

that’s right Patriots, stand up for ALL AMERICANS!!! I wish I could be there

Jimmy Jensen
Jimmy Jensen
3 years ago

WOW!!! This guy is GREAT! Why couldn’t we have a first black president like him for 2 terms instead of a community disorganizing race hustler.

Mark Belk
3 years ago
Reply to  Jimmy Jensen

Because the Bible forbids Adamic man being ruled by other races.