Parents infuriated at NYC Dept of Ed over no-discipline discipline policies


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s radically-left administration in the Department of Education has made the schools far worse. The no-discipline discipline policies, like the ones we saw in Parkland, are destroying the schools. New York City schools are the most violent in the state.

Chancellor Richard Carranza, a very, very far-left individual took off after outraged parents confronted him at a packed town hall meeting. The culture of leniency is very dangerous and the parents have had enough.

He allows misbehavior, disrespect for authority, and the unruly and violent students get away with it while other students are trying to learn.

One parent in attendance, Katty Sterling, yelled at Carranza about how officials at her daughter’s school did nothing after her daughter was assaulted twice by a classmate.

“The other student is sitting in school getting all the privileges and what is my daughter doing? Sitting at home, sick, getting traumatized!” she shouted in anger.


Watch the meeting with the parents losing it and Carranza running away.

The media has completely ignored this story as New York City, and New York, in general, go to Hell. Only the NY Post cared.

The leftists don’t care. All that matters is the ideology. Look at the indifference on their faces.


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