MSNBC: al Qaeda treated worse than Magas since they’re not white and have beards


On Sunday’s Velshi show, Velshi led a discussion claiming there was a racial double standard that made law enforcement act less aggressively against white Donald Trump supporters who attacked the Capitol than against Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and al Qaeda.

Panelist and UK import Mehdi Hasan was the worst.

The opposite is true, but this is what the gaslighting left does.

Mehdi drew some false equivalence, demonizing white Christian men in the process. Mehdi is a racist.

Insofar as I know, no one on the 6th chopped any heads off, flew planes into buildings, or planted IEDs on the road.

To him, Al Qaeda’s problem is they’re not white and have beards(actually, a lot of the fringe people who rioted had beards):

He is suggesting that those fringe lunatics in the Capitol were Republicans and invited by Republicans. There were hundreds of thousands of normal, ordinary Americans at that rally, and a relatively small number of violent anarchist Trump supporters tearing up the Capitol.
He wants to put Republican members of Congress in jail, painting their support of a rally as terrorism.


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