MSNBC gives a raging anti-Semite his own show


David Harsanyi writes MSNBC hired a former Al Jazeera, anti-Semite journalist Mehdi Hasan to host a show.

“A guy who regularly peddles anti-Semitic tropes for Qatar, once said gay men are no better than pedophiles, and calls non-Muslims “cattle,” gets a show. But if you don’t believe there are 90 genders, you get your book banned.”

MSNBC is giving journalist Mehdi Hasan his own prime-time television show starting this Sunday, the Los Angeles Times reports. Hasan’s first guest will be another anti-Semite Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.).

Hasan is a former journalist for Al Jazeera, where he hosted the show “UpFront.” He has also been a senior columnist for The Intercept and the host of that outlet’s podcast “Deconstructed.”

In December, Hasan took to Twitter to condemn a tweet by Newsweek opinion editor Josh Hammer as “racist.” Via his tweet, Hammer had shared a clip of Hasan’s show along with the comment, “Your Qatari $$$ at work.” The clip showed Hasan discussing Palestinian-Israeli relations and Israel’s “de facto,” as he described it, annexation of the occupied territories.

Mehdi is a poisonous, contemptuous, anti-American, anti-Jewish troublemaker:

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2 years ago

M More
S shit,
N Nothing
B but
C Crap

Memories 68 Comeback Special
Memories 68 Comeback Special
2 years ago

The war of all against all is heating up.
The forces of evil think that they have it all wrapped up.
The looting operation is almost done as the economy destruction cure was worse than the disease.
Printing presses don’t have any intrinsic value beyond printing.
It always consumes itself because it doesn’t know when to stop.