Chip Roy blasts Liz Cheney, suggests kicking her out of leadership


Liz Cheney doubled down on Trump hate and said Donald Trump shouldn’t be playing a role in the Republican Party or speaking at CPAC. Cheney needs to resign from the leadership role and start looking for jobs at CNN or MSNBC where GOP hate is welcomed.

The woman is on self-destruct.


Chip Roy said Liz Cheney forfeited her right to be chair of the Republican conference. It also sounds like he wants a revote on her leadership role. Rep. Roy had supported her right to vote her conscience on impeachment, but this latest move was not acceptable.

“Yesterday, Liz forfeited her right to be chair of the Republican conference. You cannot stand up and make a statement so completely out of step with the Republican conference and where the American people who support President Trump are. I think it is unfortunate that she made those remarks and I think it was short-sighted. 

“But I also think it was purposeful and I think that’s the problem. And I think it is time for us to have another conversation about the leadership of the Republican conference… She shouldn’t have said that – she did so purposefully. And she did so in a way that directly undermines the conference that she leads. She do so leaving the conference meeting that she just chaired!

“When our minority leader, Kevin McCarthy, had just answered the question about CPAC and then she got the question, she said that should be up to CPAC. But then paused, and then launched into a diatribe about the future of where we should go with respect to President Trump. Completely unnecessarily, but purposefully, having just left the very Republican conference where we were together. And in a way that is in complete opposition to where the majority of the Republican conference is and where the majority of Republicans are. “


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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

This is simple. Cheney is there because Ryan lackie McCarthy wants her there, and both he & Mitch are threatening members with loss of funding over it. The RINOs hate Trump, MAGA and freedom. They must be driven out. It is impossible that the RINOs, partners with the democrats in destroying America, are going to be removed without a major fight, and that fight includes being rough.

The RINOs have already demonstrated consistenty that there are willing to damage the party and the nation. There is no need to reason with them, drive them out.

Memories 68 Comeback Special
Memories 68 Comeback Special
2 years ago

Who appointed her arbiter of the future of the GOP?
Darth Cheney is out of office and on a ranch somewhere.
We don’t want or need any more political dynasties.
Our ancestors left the mother country (UK) to get away from that.