MSNBC reporter mask-shamed live on air


An MSNBC reporter tried to shame passersby who weren’t wearing masks in Wisconsin. They were walking in the outdoors, why would they need a mask? Anyway, this reporter, Cal Perry tried to make news as he virtue signaled while most of his crew stood around without masks.

Perry was live from Lake Geneva where he complained that “no one” was wearing masks as they enjoyed the Memorial Day sunshine.

The masked reporter then turned his cameraman to shoot a man walking past, saying on air, “As you can see, no one is wearing them.”

“Including the cameraman,” the local shot back, soon adding that “half your crew’s not wearing them.”

He looked down and said, “There you go, including the cameraman. Yeah.”

That went viral and was seen more than 2.8 million times by the next morning.

The local, Andy Olson, then backed up his claims — with his wife posting their own video of the exchange that showed two out of three crew members hiding behind the camera with completely unprotected faces.

He further called out Perry — noting that he had defied social distancing advice himself by touching his cameraman’s arm during the recording.

“He turned the camera on me and tried to shame me and it backfired on him big time,” Olson later insisted to Bugle Newspapers.

“It exposed him for his hypocrisy. The camera guy is there in plain view with a mask around his neck.”

He insisted he “wasn’t trying to be rude or ignorant” and assumed it would be edited out later.

“Good thing it was live,” he said. “I thought it was just a local guy – never did I think it was MSNBC doing a live report.”

He said his only objection was the reporter “calling out people on the street and mask-shaming them.”

“I won’t bash anybody for wearing a mask. If someone wants to – that’s fine,” Olson told the local paper, the NY Post reported,

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