MSNBC says they need a commission to vet candidates to stop another Trump


MSNBC wants to form a commission to screen candidates for president so another Trump can happen.

In addition, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, including recent bombshell evidence, commentator FrankFigliuzzi claimed Trump is tied to Russian President Putin. without any pushback from the host. He also feigned knowledge of the Trump tax returns which have not been released.

Figliuzzi wants to be certain that the people never have this much freedom to pick a candidate who is an outsider ever again. He has no regard for the choice of 62 million people.

Without any evidence, he suggested Trump is highly susceptible to bribery and might be engaged with crime figures. He presented no evidence whatsoever! This is so irresponsible.

“We got this wrong, and this can’t happen again,” he said.

He thinks the media gets to pick the candidate. His comments have a bit of a Stalinist air to them.

What we need is a commission to vet news organizations.




  1. Hopefully, people will wake up to the fraud that is the Dem party and the fraud that is MSNBC, CNN and the networks who feed us warmed over cow manure

  2. Democrats don’t give a flip about the US Constitution. The only requirements for a person to be the President of the United States is to have attained the age of 35 and to be not a naturalized citizen nor just a citizen but a natural born citizen which according to an 1875 US Supreme Court ruling, Minor vs Happersett, means one who is born of 2 US citizen parents. Obama’s father was never a US citizen meaning he is not a natural born citizen according to this ruling and neither is Kamala Harris as neither of her parents were US citizens at the time of her birth.

  3. Travelling to the blue state next door multiple times over the summer and the Trump/Pence signs are springing up like mushrooms. Zero Biden/Kamal signs anywhere but there are no government offices or CPUSA HQ in the region as it is mostly rural.
    This is in one of the so called blue wall states.

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