Proud Boys leader is an unofficial state director of Latinos for Trump


The leader of the Proud Boys, you know the ‘white supremacist’ organization that has an African-American Hispanic leader, and a lot of diverse members, is the [unofficial] Florida state director of Latinos for Trump. He has close ties to the GOP.

Enrique Tarrio is the national chairman of the Proud Boys, the ‘white supremacist’ group who Donald Trump told to ‘stand back and stand by’ at Tuesday’s debate. Obviously, President Trump didn’t know.

Tarrio is apparently close to the Republican party and ran for congress as a Republican earlier this year.

Tarrio, 36, has been pictured with Trump confidant Roger Stone, who is a Proud Boys member, the president’s son Don Jr, and GOP Senator Ted Cruz.

Cruz co-sponsored a Senate resolution based on a petition written by Tarrio to designate the left-wing group Antifa as a ‘domestic terrorist organization’

Tarrio posted a selfie of him and Donald Trump Jr. online with the caption: “Blurry but at least we spoke about the rampant censorship of conservatives,” the Daily Mail reported.

Mr. Tarrio’s group is small and their goal is to go to some of these antifa riots and protect the people they attack. There was one raucous incident in Manhattan and a few members of a New York group were arrested.

Other than that, they haven’t done anything wrong that we know of as yet.


During the Tuesday presidential debate, Chris Wallace demanded President Trump disavow white supremacist groups and when he asked Wallace to name them since he has already disavowed the KKK and Nazis numerous times, Biden jumped in and said, ‘the Proud Boys.’

President Trump, caught by surprise, and perhaps not knowing who they are, said they should “stand back and stand by.”

Afterward, Trump’s son and spokesman both tried to downplay the comment, calling it a ‘misspeak’. The president backpedaled on Wednesday telling reporters he had never heard of the group.

This whole affair is insane. Joe Biden won’t say the words “law and order,” can’t name a police organization that will support him, and he won’t disavow antifa and Black Lives Matter. The media won’t question him at all. He doesn’t have to disavow a thing. Antifa and BLM are the ones causing the problem right now, not the socialists in the Nazi organizations or the KKK, which was always a Democrat organization of haters.


A spokesman for the Trump campaign told that neither Tarrio nor his ‘Latinos for Trump’ group are affiliated with the president’s official reelection campaign group the ‘Latinos for Trump Coalition.’

“The individual you wrote about here is not affiliated with the Trump Campaign, our Latinos for Trump Coalition, or the Trump Family,” the spokesman said. “He is also not the state director of our coalition and is not on our advisory board.”

Mr. Tarrio had his photo taken with Don Jr, Sarah Huckabee, Roger Stone, and Ted Cruz. When I helped my local congressman, I had my photo taken with famous people and I’m a nobody. It means nothing.

As we reported earlier, we don’t know enough about this group and will have to research them more, but I can’t find anything wrong with them to speak of.

The FBI said they are not an extreme group. The media says they’re extreme and racists, meanwhile the group is very diverse.

Today, during the press conference with Kayleigh McEnany, three reporters, John Roberts, a CNN reporter and one other attacked her and tried to give the impression that the President won’t disavow the white supremacists. Two of the reporters specifically mentioned the Proud Boys, which appears to be a smear.

I want you to hear this one clip with the CNN reporter smearing the Proud Boys:


This is either a planned smear or the Democrats and their crazy media just got lucky. They are going to call Trump a liar and insult this seemingly innocent man Enrique Tarrio.

President Trump has denounced the crazies — Nazis and KKK — over and over. In fact, Nazis are socialists and the KKK were Democrats. Why they are now called Republicans is beyond me.

Here is Trump denouncing these haters (now someone should make the haters of whites cut it out):

Two clips to watch:

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To Be Or Not To Be
To Be Or Not To Be
3 years ago

Nazis and Communists are ideological cousins. The Weimar wipeout and street brawls between the two factions made Hitler possible.
What will be the outcome in the USA after burning it all down?
Bolshevik Revolution 2.0 with the bitter Bindi the Kamal as the first wymyn preezy of the steezy.

3 years ago

Was that audio from a CNN reporter, or was it Hillary. All she needed was the word “basket”.