MSNBC: Thankful for looters but MAGA voters are” colonizing slave owners”


“Looters got a bad name during the George Floyd protests, but thank goodness for the looters,” said an MSNBC guest to the welcoming nods of the host. The looters, he continued, called attention to places like Target who contribute to the “oppression” of blacks. He added that black and brown bodies are “over-policed.”

According to him, the looting activated whites who now have their pocketbook affected, so maybe they “have to give a damn.”

This is MSNBC.


Tiffany Cross, hosting in Joy Reid’s place, told the audience July 4 was independence for white men, but she didn’t stop there. She compared Trump voters to colonizing slave owners [even though the slave owners were Democrats].

“And so here we are celebrating the birth of a nation, independence for white men at a site described by one native American activists as “a symbol of white supremacy.” Trump choosing Mount Rushmore for a 4th of July campaign stop is just like when he chose Tulsa, the site of the 1921 massacre against black Americans, for his Juneteenth weekend rally. It’s that cool, tired and familiar jab to black, brown, and indigenous people that makes the shrinking MAGA voter feel as big as a 60-foot face of a colonizing slave owner,” she said.


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