MSNBC’s Indian Guest Says We Must Dump Thanksgiving


Just because this gentleman, who speaks very slowly, is a racist who doesn’t like settlers, Europeans, or Thanksgiving, we don’t have to feel guilty and go along with it. MSNBC had a radical Native American lawyer named Chase who wants Thanksgiving eliminated because it’s too European, foreign, alien, settler cultural mythology.

MSNBC is an anti-American disgrace.

There was no country when the settlers came. There was no United States. There was a lot of vacant land with some migratory Indians who originally came from Mexico, Columbia, and maybe Alaska and who displaced other Indian tribes. They sometimes gave as good as they got when it came to settlers.

If you want to talk about colonization, you need to talk about the Conquistadors, from whom many of these natives are descended.

Thanks giving is a holiday to thank God, friends, and our family for all we have. So, no, we won’t stop celebrating Thanksgiving. Chill, Chase.

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11 days ago

Who is this clown? I remind him of Oscar Wilde’s bon mot: “Opinions are like mouths, everybody has one.”

13 days ago

Screw him. If we had let the Indians in charge, we’d be living in TeePees and eating by a campfire. They didn’t own the land. It was up for grabs. If people want to give up Thanksgiving, let them.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
13 days ago
Reply to  lalasayswhat

You are displaying shocking ignorance of the culture of the nations who lived in America before it’s discovery by Europeans. When you comment in this way, you sadly discredit your comments. Often they are quite good.

Read up on the doctrine of terra nullius, that the Brits used in building their empire.

There is a sad old Aussie joke that the aboriginals were not smart enough to create a wheel. It is sad, because, they were so in tune with their environment that they did not have a large cache of stuff to haul around. They were not materialistic like so many unhappy people today. Perhaps some studies in basic ethnology would enlighten you a bit.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
13 days ago

A philosopher who greatly influenced the founding fathers was John Locke. Among his writings: “Letters Concerning Toleration”

     “The principles laid down therein are essentially identical with those embodied in the Constitution of the American Republic.” 

Locke pleaded for toleration of all people. He excluded from toleration:

           1. Oath breakers.

           2. Traitors (citizens who gave their allegiance to another government).

           3. Atheists – denying God they rob oaths and covenants of meaning.

           4. The intolerant.

Toleration of a variety of ideas and concepts as well as loving acceptance of others is essential to the effectiveness of the USA.


Chase is intolerant.