Nasty BLM mob menace STL family who protected their home with guns – Update


Update at the end

Mr. and Mrs. McCloskey are the white couple who stood outside their home as about a hundred Black Lives Matter ‘protesters’ broke the decorative gate into their private development. Since then they have been harassed and threatened. The Soros-funded DA wants to prosecute them for protecting their home.

The couple stood outside their home, protecting it with guns as the angry BLM mob busted down the gate to their private home and threatened to kill them, their dog, and burn their house down.

On Friday night, Mr. McCloskey called into Tucker’s show to tell him he was under threat and no one would help him.

Now they are outside tormenting the family.

Is this the new normal? If you cross them, they are allowed to make you unsafe in your own home? No one will stop the harassment? They’re allowed to do this? We need law and order back and we won’t get it with Democrats.


Chris Cuomo was nasty to Mr. McCloskey who is still getting death threats.

The family hired armed guards.

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