Mueller prosecutor investigating pro-Trump doctor who used hydroxychloroquine


A Jewish doctor who bragged about his successes with hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and Azithromycin and who also loves President Trump tried to contact Jerome Corsi. With those three negatives against him, actually four negatives if you count the fact that he’s a Hassidic Jew, the media is investigating him.

He said he was in touch with the White House about the treatment and claimed hundreds of successes which some in his community said the claims were greatly exaggerated.

An email to Corsi accidentally ended up in the email box of tyrant Aaron Zelinsky who was on Robert Mueller’s team and tried to put Jerome Corsi in prison. The Washington Post is reporting this story but a lot differently than I am reporting it here.

During his daily podcast, Corsi said that Zelinsky responded to the unexpected email by reaching out to Corsi’s lawyer and requesting all of Corsi’s communications with Zelenko.

Corsi said he and Zelenko are collaborating on a website designed to connect people with doctors. They have acted lawfully, Corsi added, but he plans to cooperate with the request and has handed over his communications.

Zelensky is now looking for coronavirus crimes, and it appears that he has a special interest in investigating people tied to the president and/or hydroxychloroquine. Tips are allegedly pouring it to Zelensky’s mailbox.

Gregory Rigano, a lawyer who said he is working with Zelenko, said in a brief telephone conversation Thursday night that they had not been contacted by federal prosecutors and that he was not aware of any possible law enforcement interest in Zelenko.

“It’s not something I’m familiar with,” Rigano said. “We’re just saving people’s lives that have coronavirus and getting rid of this virus from America as soon as possible.”

Corsi says Zelinsky went to a government website that lists approved clinical trials and found no reference to Zelenko.

Corsi said he asked Zelenko about whether he had an FDA approved study — as Corsi said Zelenko had told another physician at a training event. Zelenko, Corsi said, then suggested his study was approved instead by an internal hospital panel, MSN reported.

“I pointed out to Zelenko, ‘But it’s not registered as an FDA test, and you can’t say it is,’ ” Corsi said Thursday on YouTube, adding that he did not feel Zelenko was trying to defraud anyone, but rather did not understand what it meant to have an FDA-approved test.

Zelinsky is out Jew-hydroxychloroquine-Trump hunting. They can use their Flynn trick of setting up a perjury trap as they continue to politicize the virus. Normally, this would have been a no-never-mind for such an important prosecutor.

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