Poop’s role in fighting coronavirus


Politico’s major story took three journalists to write. Titled, ‘Poop could help stop the pandemic. Really.’, the story details how the CDC is considering tracking the spread of the virus through poop in sewage systems to determine the next hot spot.

That’s silly. All they need to do is go to San Francisco and clean up the streets. It would serve a dual purpose.

Jay Butler, deputy director for infectious diseases at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, raised the intriguing possibility on Monday in a conference call with private-sector representatives, according to audio of the call reviewed by Politico. Most of the discussion had the grave and staid tone that has characterized public health officials’ conversations about the virus that has infected more than 1 million Americans and killed more than 60,000. Butler fielded prescreened questions on a host of buttoned-up topics, including face-mask use, sick leave, and contact tracing.

“Intriguing, grave, and staid,” is how this was described, but a treatment with a 100-year-old drug is a conspiracy theory.

A serious question was asked about farting spreading the virus. And they call hydroxychloroquine crazy and injections with sunlight outrageous.

It’s possible, says Jay.

The CDC sees the virus everywhere in everything forever. Just ask Drs. Fauci and Birx, they’ll tell you. There is never to be a return to normal — ever.

We all suggest, you victims, send your feces to Jay for contact tracing studies. There’s never enough excrement (s***) for these bureaucrats.

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