Mueller’s Minions Leaking Probe Will Go On For Months


Earlier Friday, George Soros’s Think Progress outlet followed up on the Mueller indictment in an article titled, Mueller is still investigating Trump’s campaign for possible collusion. It included the subtitle, He can tweet “no collusion!” all he wants.

This is in response to Trump’s tweet that “there was no collusion” after the Mueller indictment was published online, along with an announcement by Rod Rosenstein.

The President repeated his comments in a statement as well, to which Think Progress wrote: The caveat of “in this indictment” is key — officials are not ruling out the possibility of allegations of collusion against the Trump campaign in future indictments.

The publication claims “in this indictment” is a signal that other indictments might implicate the Trump team or Trump himself.

The indictment emphasized that Russians aimed their “sophisticated campaign” at Hillary Clinton. That is allegedly a warning of future indictments.

Mueller’s Leaking

Mid-afternoon, Bloomberg reported that this indictment doesn’t mean there won’t be further charges.

They have not concluded their probe into Trump and his associates, according to their source. In other words, Robert Mueller’s witch hunting team is leaking.

Mueller was just putting Russia on notice with this indictment, their source told them. The probe will go on for months. They are still investigating collusion and obstruction of justice.

Of course it will and they are. Mueller and his minions want to influence the election in November.


  1. I think the plan is for Sessions to stubbornly stay, Sessions strongly supports conspirator Rosenstein, Rosenstein strongly supports conspirator Mueller. They could be there 4 years. They are the only thing preventing collapse of the deep state. That’s the battle now. There’s plenty of evidence for many crimes. It’s OK to discuss revelations and more evidence, but the main topic should be how/when to remove the conspirators. The conspirators include republican senators threatening Trump if he acts. Some of the scandals go back 7 years (uranium). Others are recent (spying on Trump). Republican leaders knew what was going on.

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