Mueller’s Russian Troll Indictment Must Be a Joke, It’s Misleading, Hyperbolic


Robert Mueller’s Russian Troll Indictment states that the Russians organized pro-Trump and anti-Trump rallies, mostly pro-Trump. What is obvious upon reading about the rallies, is the document is very misleading. The truth is the pro-Trump rallies were unsuccessful and the entire Russian scheme was a failure.

Almost no one attended the pro-Trump rallies. In the case of most, the rallies likely weren’t even held.

On the other hand, in the case of a New York City anti-Trump rally, 10,000 showed up.

It’s easy to call up 10,000 communists in New York City on a moment’s notice. All you have to do is get hold of the MoveOn email list.

The indictment is virtual reality. For example, the indictment states that in order to build attendance for the rallies, they promoted them on their accounts and notified large groups. The fact is, the “sophisticated scheme” succeeded in only one rally, an anti-Trump rally.

This is a bad joke. Mueller thinks we will all be snookered? The media certainly seems to be but they are Democrat Party parrots.

It would be better to put these tens of millions of dollars spent for this probe into tracking down people like Nikolas Cruz.

One fun factoid is on page 24. The indictment reads. “Destruction of Evidence”; 58. In order to avoid detection and impede investigation by U.S. authorities of Defendants’ operations. Defendants and their co-conspirators deleted and destroyed data, including emails.

Are they kidding? This is a big deal? The FBI hides all of their data from Congress. Hillary used hammers and BleachBit to destroy evidence. When are they going to arrest her?

Russian Masterminds Managed One Successful Rally – a Pro-Hillary Protest

What is especially deceptive is that the charges indicate the Russians were masterminds and the scheme was highly sophisticated. Yet, they only pulled off one successful rally of far-left anti-Trumpers. They are people who are always at the ready, especially in New York. It didn’t take much to get them out.


The indictment identified two of the rallies as a June 25, 2016, demonstration called March for Trump and a July 23, 2016, protest called Down with Hillary.

It was unclear where the rallies were held, or if they were held at all. Web searches yielded no written or photo evidence of either.

The Russians also allegedly staged a series of rallies in Florida that were called Florida Goes Trump. One was held on Aug. 20, 2016. It was advertised on Facebook and the only photographic evidence to be found was one picture with unenthusiastic youth holding uninteresting signs.

The Russians also staged an anti-Trump march on Nov. 12, 2016, to inflame racial tensions after the election. Attended by 10,000, the rally went from Union Square to Trump Tower. It was promoted by the Facebook page BlackMattersUS, created by the Russians.

“Join us in the streets! Stop Trump and his bigoted agenda!” read a Facebook Events page for the rally.

Michael Moore was one of the useful idiots, I mean “unwitting” Americans, who promoted it.

Russians have been doing this since the 1960s.

We should go back to 2007 and 2011 to see if the Russians wanted Barack Obama to win. If I were a Russian communist, I would want Obama to win.

It’s not that it isn’t important to investigate these Russians but any FBI group could have done it. We don’t need a Special Counsel wasting money on this.

Go to page 20 for the information on rallies.

U S v Internet Research Agency Et Al on Scribd

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