Mueller’s Team Will Question Trump on These Four Issues


Robert Mueller’s team has four issues they want Donald Trump to address. Specifically, he wants to ask Trump about: a 2016 Trump Tower meeting between Russians and several Trump campaign officials; his involvement in a misleading statement about his son’s role in the meeting; and his firing of both his national security adviser Michael Flynn and FBI Director James Comey.

This is according to CNN sources and it is one more of Mueller’s team’s daily leaks.

Mueller’s Obstruction Charge

Mueller is still looking into Trump obstructing justice in the Russia probe. According to Bloomberg news, Mueller might put off a decision on the obstruction charge so witnesses aren’t discouraged from testifying.

Comey has testified that he felt Trump was urging him to back off Flynn. The angry Andrew McCabe is backing up Comey’s statements.

Mueller’s team is probing Trump’s knowledge of the call Flynn made to Russians before joining the White House.

Meanwhile, Trump is hiring more lawyers as Mueller and his team work out the conditions for the President’s interview with Mueller. A date will be announced within weeks.

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