Austin Bomber Leaves a 25-Minute Cell Phone “Confession”


The Austin bomber Mark Anthony Conditt blew himself up today as police approached his vehicle in the early morning hours in Round Rock Texas. After he set off the bomb in his car, an officer fired into the car, ending the reign of terror by this 23-year old man.

The Austin police chief said in a press conference Wednesday that a 25-minute cellphone recording found on the bombing suspect amounts to a “confession.”

After having listened to the tape, the chief said Conditt mentions nothing about terrorism or hate, but instead it is the “outcry” of a man who was going through “personal challenges”. He added that he doesn’t know how we will figure out a motive.

The killer described the bombs and how they were made. He says he built seven devices and all seven have been accounted for.

The police chief added the confession video would not be released anytime soon.


His family released a brief statement and by all accounts, they are a nice family. They are described as “grieving and in shock”. No one, not neighbors or friends, seem to have picked up on the killer’s dark side.

The family statement: “We are devastated and broken at the news that our family member could be involved in such an awful way. We had no idea of the darkness that Mark must have been in. Our family is a normal family in every way. We love, we pray, and we try to inspire and serve others. Right now our prayers are for the families who lost loved ones, for those impacted in any way, and for the soul of our Mark. We are grieving and in shock. Please respect our privacy as we deal with this terrible, terrible knowledge and try to support each other at this time.”

Conditt had a presence on and on the site, he said he was conservative, opposed to gay marriage and was pro-life – most ironic. The Austin Statesman reported that he was opposed to the sex offender registry. So far, there is no mention of politics as a motivation.

A friend describes Conditt as an opinionated, smart, “rough around the edges” person.

Frankly, he sounds arrogant.

Conditt leaves behind his parents and three sisters as well as an extended family.

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