Multiple Media Outlets Lied About Trump’s Unified Third Reich


You likely noticed the media manufacturing fake outrage yesterday over an ad supporting Donald Trump that allegedly shows Donald Trump trying to unify Hitler’s Third Reich.

It is hard to believe how dishonest the establishment media is and how stupid they think Americans are. Trying to label Trump a Nazi is ridiculous.  All across the media, reporters claim he used Hitler’s terminology.

They didn’t bother to show the ad because people would know it’s nonsense.

The words “unified Reich” were in the background of a pro-Trump ad put out by some talented random person and reposted by Donald Trump while he was in court.  Old newspaper headlines served as the ad’s background. The ad is on a template you can buy online. It’s called “Vintage History Headlines Promo,” as Newsmax reported.

The unified Reich was in an article in the background that was written fifty years before the Nazis existed!!! One vintage article in the background was titled “German Industrial Strength Significantly Increased Driven By The Creation Of A Unified Reich.” It was written fifty years before Nazis reared their ugly heads.

They’re just old headlines. It’s wallpaper. It wasn’t Nazi Germany. They were talking about Germany fifty years before!!!

This lie was broadcast throughout the media. They are despicable.


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