Harrison Butker Is More Catholic Than Benedictine Nuns


If you haven’t heard, Harrison Butker, the Chiefs’ phenomenal kicker, is facing an onslaught of attacks for a commencement speech. He gave a commencement speech praising family, mothers, and children and expressing the Catholic Church’s stated values. This was on his own time.

Amid a cacophony of angry leftists sounding off are the Benedictine nuns who run Mount St. Scholastica. Remarkably, they denounced Harrison Butker for being too traditional and Catholic, saying he doesn’t represent their values. If a football kicker is better at being Catholic than nuns, why am I bothering to be Catholic?

“Instead of promoting unity in our church, our nation, and the world, his comments seem to have fostered division,” the nuns wrote of the NFL kicker’s controversial commencement address.

They don’t want him promoting motherhood or family over what they do. Hit by DEI nuns.

His Catholic speech to Catholics at a Catholic University was not controversial. The attempt to cancel him is nothing more than radicals trying to silence him and anyone who dares say the same thing. That’s all this is. They don’t want traditional family values to make a comeback.

The NFL said he doesn’t represent their values. What are their values? Wife beaters and drug dealers?

Two condescending women on a podcast condemned Mr. Butker for praising a mother – his wife – who stays home to raise her child.

A couple of hundred fascists signed a petition to get him fired, and now a left-wing Kansas City media wants the Chiefs to fire their 60-yard kicker who has a phenomenal percentage for under 40 yards AND…wait for it…wait…and hire a woman in his place.

Bill Maher didn’t see anything wrong with Mr. Butker’s speech, and he’s an atheist.

All is not lost. Most Americans support the family. The Chiefs are still owned by the Hunt family, and Tavia Hunt, the owner’s wife, wrote an op-ed on People supporting Harrison’s views of the family. She stated the obvious—” It’s not bigoted.”

Why couldn’t the Sisters say that? Or better yet, say nothing.


N.B. The title and paragraphs were moved around after publication, and a good night’s sleep!

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