Muslim scholar explains the brilliance of Soleimani’s termination


This weekend, the Iraqi Parliament voted to expel U.S. troops, along with the coalition protecting them from ISIS. The resolution was non-binding on the government.

Most of the Sunnis weren’t there and the Kurds walked out when the Iranian militia leaders walked into the chamber. Their absence denied them the quorum needed for the Shia vote to be binding.

It’s not even clear if Prime Minister Mahdi has the authority to expel the troops under the Strategic Framework Agreement.

Iran’s In Charge

The Iraqi Parliament has been taken over to some degree by Iran thanks to the mastermind Soleimani. President Trump won’t listen to them.

The U.S. won’t leave and they have promised to sanction Iraq if the Prime Minister, an Iranian-Soleimani puppet, signs the resolution.

Senator Marco Rubio tweeted that maybe it’s time for a fully independent Kurdistan. Iran would hate that. Soleimani’s proxies have a strong foothold in the government and the move would weaken Iran.


Dr. Qanta Ahmed, a Muslim scholar, has an interesting take on the situation that you probably won’t hear in the media.

She believes that the killing of Soleimani will guarantee Donald Trump’s place in history. Ms. Ahmed explains that the Kurds are the largest minority in the world denied a state. They share our values, share our interests, and have died for our flag in the same way we do. The Kurds abstained from the vote in the Parliament since they see the Americans, Bush, in particular,  as saving them from perpetual genocide.

Dr. Ahmed also explained that most of our forces are in Erbil, the Kurdistan region. We could leave Baghdad and still have a footprint in the region. We have invested in the Kurdistan region. Many of our Military are already there and we have the largest U.S. consulate being built there.

“Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq.

The President Has Excellent Alternatives

We aren’t going to abandon our embassy, but we could if we had to.

President Trump probably could recognize a sovereign Kurdistan which could be a pro-Sunni, pro-American, and Pro-Israel ally.

Soleimani was no peace bearer. He was there to take hostages in the embassy and planned to seize more control of Iraq.

Real Iraqis want the Iranian puppets out of their government.

The scholar praised the courage and wisdom of the decision. Soleimani’s ambition was to kidnap U.S. citizens as they did forty years ago, and he planned to take over Iraq.


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