Must-watch! Biden plan to turn Texas Blue with China on the border


In the clip below, Jesse Waters briefly explains the full and complete picture of illegal and legal immigration and the reason why the Biden-Harris-Obama administration is doing it. It’s also playing into the hands of the CCP.

He not only describes everything that is going on in general, Waters explains the plan is to flip Texas blue so there will never be another Republican president.

Texas is on the “same tread line as California, Waters says. He also explains the cartels, who in bed with China, are determined to do it quickly. Biden will gladly oblige.

There’s a nefarious geopolitical strategy at work as well, and Waters gets to it at the surpris ending.

It’s a brief, clear, and logical presentation that is well worth watching.

Must-Watch [and watch the Lara Logan clip below]:
Lara Logan on China at the border:

If the Waters clip doesn’t work, watch it here:

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