Must-Watch Clips Before Deciding Rittenhouse’s Fate


Today, the prosecution and the defense will give their closing statements in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. The prosecution is trying to put the teen in prison for life over the seeming self-defense shootings of three men, which left two dead.

The National Guard has been called up in case Kyle is acquitted. The radicals and criminals are prepared to burn Kenosha down.

The prosecution will be allowed to introduce the possibility of provocation in the case based on an enhanced image and a brief second in which Kyle Rittenhouse held his gun straight up. Provocation was never introduced to the jury during the opening, but it will be presented in the closing. It is a threat to Kyle’s acquittal.

The defense will point out that the gun was up using his left-hand and Kyle is right-handed, meaning he was not planning to use the gun.

The prosecution presented no other evidence that Rittenhouse acted in any manner but self-defense in the death of convicted pedophile, Joseph Rosenbaum, the first man he shot and killed, but now they are going for provocation. In the case of the other two men Kyle shot, killing one, there is only evidence of self-defense or potentially recklessness.

Before you accept the prosecution’s provocation theory, please watch these three clips.

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