Insane Shoplifting in Connecticut in Broad Daylight


Shoplifters in Oxford Connecticut were caught on video stealing $1,600 in goods, primarily detergent and paper towels from a supermarket, Fox 61 reported. [Two video clips]

Four masked suspects filled up two vehicles with stolen grocery store products as onlookers watched and recorded, some shouting remarks at the thieves.

“Look at all that,” one bystander is heard saying in the video. “That’s why prices go up, because of these a-holes … can’t get a job like the rest of us.”

The thieves’ license plates were removed and the cars were stolen.

“Information sharing has developed leads that they are most likely going to be trying to sell those items on social media as well as in the communities that they live in,” Resident Trooper Sgt. John Acampora with Connecticut State Police said.

This took place on November 10th and the criminals are still on the loose. Two of the suspects have committed similar crimes in the area. They also steal big-screen TVs.

The 911 call didn’t come in until ten minutes after the crime.

No one stopped them. Trooper Acampora said most stores have a ‘no intervention” policy.

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