Mystery Flu Makes Nearly Half the Students in Schools Ill


Dr. Panda said there’s a mystery flu with respiratory and gastrointestinal symptoms that is making nearly half of the students in several schools ill. Some have ended up in the hospital.

Almost half of a Virginia high school, Florence Roche Elementary School in Groton, and Patrick Henry High in San Diego. D.C. and Texas also had incidents.

They don’t know the cause.

Dr. John Bradley, the medical director of infectious disease at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego said:

“The hospital has seen more emergency room visits because of flu and respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV. It is not a new virus but causing more disease.”

Don’t tell the CDC about the mystery flu or they’ll have us all in masks and giving us vaccines that don’t work. Gain of function, perhaps?

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1 year ago

And now it begins. How many of the Students have had the “Jab” and now have compromised immune systems? There also seems to be a relationship between Vitamin D and Respiratory Viruses which is why when I had Covid it was so mild. I’m not a Doctor, but a doctor suggested I start taking Vitamins D and K over 30 years ago and I almost never get the Cold or Flu. When I do, it’s just a few days of sniffles.

The Human Race survived for over 100,000 Years without modern “vaccinations”, but now we are seeing a decline in Longevity of Life with people getting shots for just about every disease known to man. How is your immune system supposed to grow if we become nothing more than lab rates? As a child I have all the normal childhood diseases and a few extras. Most of my adult life I’ve traveled around the World and have probably been exposed to just about everything including unusual insect bites. That’s how you get a robust Immune System! I only get vaccinated for things that will kill or maim me and let my body take care of the rest!

Syncytial Virus and Mycoplasma pneumoniae have regular typical outbreaks and can be easily treated if properly diagnosed. A lot of people, including myself, with Mycoplasma pneumoniae were told they had Covid Pneumonia and incorrectly treated when a basic Antibiotic was all that was needed. This is what happens when the CDC causes Group Think!

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