Transgender Strips Naked on Live TV and Plays Piano with Genitals


A transgender comedian named Jordan Gray appeared on BBC’s Channel 4 on Friday night. He has female breasts, wears heavy makeup and hair like a woman but still has a penis.

Transgender strips naked to play the piano with her genitals.

After stripping naked, she/he played the piano with his – her penis. I didn’t think it appropriate to post, but you can click the link to view. No, it wasn’t the Ukrainian President.

The biggest problem is this was on their Channel 4 on Friday when children could be watching.

The song Jordan Gray sang was filled with expletives.

The audience cheered and laughed.

Sorry, but this is perverse, people. Blurring the lines between male and female to erase gender is the way we see some demons depicted. Children should not be exposed to this and they should have cut the feed.

One commenter said, What’s with the constant sex and nudity with transgenders?

A lot sport these Satanic images. That’s really sick. How does this help their cause?

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 year ago

The fact that the crowd is cheering worries me more than the fact that man is messed up enough to do that.

It is scary that so many humans will approve of any sick thing, that so many humans cannot see the difference between good and evil, that so many humans are like sheep and if their tv tells them 2+2 now equals 5 they will agree and cheer.

Western Civilization is on the edge of the precipice.

Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
1 year ago

Society’s lowifes, misfits, unaccomplished, and rejected. May all the unholy filth stay together so that they can be monitored and mocked as they deserve.

1 year ago

Why is this tolerated? Is it because Government have been taken over by perverts or it because Politicians are now little more than Wankers and Eunuchs.