Nadler’s enraged over DOJ dropping Flynn case so he’s going after AG Barr next


Rep. Jerrold Nadler, one of the Democrat attack dogs, is infuriated that the Michael Flynn case was dropped.

That’s rich considering the Flynn case was a fiasco. He was innocent and they investigated him with no basis according to the Department of Justice.

In court documents being filed Thursday, the Justice Department said it is dropping the case “after a considered review of all the facts and circumstances of this case, including newly discovered and disclosed information.” The documents were obtained by The Associated Press.

The Department said it had concluded that Flynn’s interview by the FBI was “untethered to, and unjustified by, the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into Mr. Flynn” and that the interview was “conducted without any legitimate investigative basis.”

The U.S. attorney reviewing the Flynn case, Jeff Jensen, recommended dropping the case to Attorney General William Barr last week and formalized the recommendation in a document this week.


Yet, for Jerry, it’s “outrageous.”

Jerry keeps saying Flynn “pleaded guilty” and that’s all that matters. However, the only reason he pleaded guilty was to protect his son. He also ran out of money.

The crazy Chair of the House Judiciary Committee thinks the evidence against the General was “overwhelming.” Of course, it wasn’t.

The DOJ and the FBI were politicized pre-Barr and that’s why then-NSA Flynn was framed.

We think Jerry should be charged with something, we’ll just make up the crime and spend a few years fishing for a crime. What do you think?

“The decision to overrule the special counsel is without precedent and warrants an immediate explanation,” the far-left New York Democrat added.

He thinks the best defense is a good offense.


He’s going to go after Attorney General Bill Barr but he’s a few dozen IQ points short of the AG and he won’t get anywhere. These crooks never stop.


Pompous ass Comey had the gall to say the DOJ “lost its way.” After all we have learned, he actually has the nerve to say that. Stunning!

Comey’s a fraud.



  1. This is utterly amazing that the Corrupt Dems, like Nadler/Schiff are STILL trying to act like POTUS TRUMP did Anything wrong. According to them-they will continue, with Nadler now going after A.G. Barr…..Well good luck with that one Nadler, YOU and SCHIFF ARE CORRUPT FAILURES WITH THE MANY TIMES YOU LIED, SPIED W/THE FBI, FORMER DOJ, FOR TRYING TO OUST A SITTING POTUS(ACTUALLY BEFORE HE WAS EVEN SWORN IN) -Even going after anyone who worked in his campaign (that BOTH you and Schiff saw as a way to try to ‘taint then campaigner Trump, and you both continued EVEN after he was sworn in!

    So now, you think your LIES against POTUS Trump and your “Peachy Shows will prevail?” YOU, Schiff AND Schumer, along with corrupt Pelosi(and violent Maxine Waters SHOULD AALL BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE, IMMEDIATELY, FOR YOUR LIES, FOMENTING VIOLENCE AND THE LIES YOU GAVE TO ALL OUR CITIZENS BECAUSE “YOU WANTED TRUMP O U T!”

  2. When the traitors are arrested, convicted and jailed or executed I’ll believe in our justice system again. Until then? Not so much…

  3. AG Barr needs a fire lit up under his ass, perhaps the notion that Jim Nadler might come after him now just might put a little pep into his step.

  4. If the Democrats had an ounce of brains they’d see that Barr is on their side and leave him alone before Trump accidentally appoints an AG who will actually prosecute the Democrat perps behind the failed coup.

  5. Comey is giving a message to his “career” (corrupt) agents to stay in place to cover his ass and continue their corruption. This tells me there are still wolves in the hen house that need to be ousted. Find out who the remaining traitors are among the supposed 99% of “good” agents. Wray needs to go too.

  6. It’s insane that Nadler and Schiffty continue to cling to their lies. Dishonesty has robbed them of reason. They will never admit that they lied to the American people to try to destroy a duly elected president. I guess they have two options – the honorable one, to own up and admit their treasonous actions, or the dishonorable – to continue with their lies and plead innocence. Either way they look like lying traitors, so I guess they will continue to try to bluff it out.

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