Nadler’s hate-filled rant to delegitimize the presidential elections


Rep. Jerrold Nadler, a leading House manager, responded to a question by Supreme Court Justice John Roberts with some very troubling remarks. He literally delegitimized our elections while spewing hatred.

“If President Trump were to actually invoke executive privilege in this proceeding, wouldn’t he be required to identify the specific documents or communications containing sensitive material that he seeks to protect?” Roberts asked, reading a question from Senate Democratic Whip Dick Durbin.

Nadler said, “executive privilege is a very limited privilege that must be claimed by the President. He has at no time claimed executive privilege. Rather, he has claimed absolute immunity, the nonexistent concept that every Court that has ever considered it has rejected.”

Huh? When?


Nadler accused the president of “blackmail.” He said, without evidence, the President was “trying to extort a foreign government.” Nadler declared that he had broken the law while creating “diversion after diversion.”

“They’re diversions by a president who is desperate because we have proven the facts,” Nadler said, clearly lying. If they had evidence of that, he would have been impeached.

Then he made a very disturbing statement.

“But the facts are the facts,” he said. “The president is a danger to the United States. He’s tried to rig the next election. He’s abused his power and he must be brought to heel and the country must be saved from his continuing efforts to rig our elections.”

Nadler’s delegitimizing our elections. These Democrats are very far left and they won’t ever accept any Republican in power. It’s ironic after Hillary and other Democrats insisted the President would fail to accept the results of the election.

This is all over a phone call and some legitimate concerns the President had over corruption. The President might have had mixed motives that leave these lunatics little opportunity to determine which motive was more important.


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