Naked Men Flash Children at Seattle Pride Parade


In the Democrat hellhole of Seattle, nude men rode on bikes in a parade for adults and children to celebrate Pride month. People applauded and treated these exhibitionists as heroes of sorts.

Seattle, the Democrat hellhole

Now I can’t put these nude guys on my site, but if you don’t believe it, you can look for yourself here and here. They did this last year, and we did post it for some reason.

Post Millennial put one up with an age restriction, so I’m posting that here:

This is who these radicals are. They are groomers, and the parents are child abusers, but that is where Democrats will take us.

One person on Twitter had an explanation for this bizarro world we now live in where men parade around naked and sexually gyrate in front of children.

This is what he wrote:

They are making a child sacrifice to the god of social “justice.” Soon they will try to deny everything. If they gaslight you, this may help.

Quotes below are from real academic papers.

This operation has been long in preparation. “The doctrine of innocence stands in the way of social justice work with children, which necessarily involves “difficult knowledge.” Julie C Garlen, Interrogating innocence: “Childhood” as exclusionary social practice

“at the heart of my polemical engagement with the cultural text of politics and the politics of cultural texts lies a simple provocation: that queerness names the side of those not ‘‘fighting for the children,’’ the side outside the consensus by which all politics confirms the absolute value of reproductive futurism” Lee Edelman, No Future. Queer Theory And The Death Drive

“In this formulation, queer is not what makes us recognizable to the other; it is what undoes us and what, here, can work to undo the innocent Child” Hannah Dyer, Queer Futurity And Childhood Innocence: Beyond The Injury of Development.

“For Lanser (2018), “queering” entails the disruption of an entity by rejecting its categories, binaries, and norms. Our intention in this article is to encourage an active engagement with queering in CYC [Child and Youth Care] as a tool for critically examining the field and its understanding of sexualities, identities, differences, and development” Bobbi Ali Zaman, Toward Queer Potentialities In Child And Youth Care.

“I borrow from queer theory’s insistence that queerness is that which undoes identity, not what holds it together.” Hannah Dyer, Queer Futurity And Childhood Innocence: Beyond The Injury of Development.

“Queerness offers the promise of failure as a way of life (and here I am obviously amending Foucault’s formulation of homosexuality as “friendship as a way of life”), but it is up to us whether we choose to make good on that promise in a way that makes a detour around the usual markers of accomplishment and satisfaction” Judith Halberstam, The Queer Art of Failure.

“the queerness of which I speak would deliberately sever us from ourselves, from the assurance, that is, of knowing ourselves and hence of knowing our ‘‘good’’. Such queerness proposes, in place of the good, something I want to call “better“, though it promises, in more than one sense of the phrase, absolutely nothing.” Lee Edelman, No Future. Queer Theory And The Death Drive.

“It is harder for most people to sympathize with actual boy lovers. Like communists and homosexuals in the 1950s, boy lovers are so stigmatized that it is difficult to find defenders for their civil liberties, let alone for their erotic orientation. Consequently, the police have feasted on them. Local police, the FBI, and watchdog postal inspectors have joined to build a huge apparatus whose sole aim is to wipe out the community of men who love underaged youth…” Gayle Rubin, Thinking Sex.

“The child has become both a limit and a hope for queer theory” Hannah Dyer, Queer Futurity And Childhood Innocence: Beyond The Injury of Development.

I post it for your consideration.

Here they are abusing a street preacher:

This man nails it!

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