PRIDE in Seattle – Warning, GRAPHIC, Naked Men Flashing Children


The perverted LGBTQIA+PRIDE parades have turned into marches and performances of bizarre exhibitionism at family ‘fun’ events. Little children are forced to look on as they are sexualized by the radicals. This is sheer decadence and a distortion of the family and family fun events.

What is PRIDE proud of, anyway? Exhibitionism? Sexualizing young children? What?

These children should be out petting animals or going to water parks. The parents should be arrested.

There was some S&M for the kiddies.

Men dressed in leather carrying whips marched down the street.

Normal gay people must be appalled and they should speak up.

During the Seattle parade that we reported about over the weekend, the Boy Scouts, now simply known as Scouts, naked adult men exposed themselves to children while riding bicycles and just strolling around. Sadly, they did it to joyful hoots and hollers from the huge audience of young families.

The fire department is perverted too.

Do people honestly think this is normal behavior? It looks like a NAMBA parade.

This is child abuse:

Post Millennial reporter Katie Daviscourt asked Seattle PD officers about the nudity in front of children and they said it’s permissible under the city’s indecent exposure laws.

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