Nancy Pelosi announces vote for sending articles of impeachment


Speaker Pelosi’s House will have a floor vote on Wednesday on the date they will send the articles of impeachment to the Senate. At that time, she will announce the managers, who will be the nastiest and best educated in the legal matters.

When Steny Hoyer was asked if the vote would come Wednesday, he said, “Could be.”


According to the latest information, Republican [barely] Senator of Maine, Susan Collins is succeeding in convincing members that they should be able to call witnesses. Joining her are RINOs Roy Blount of Missouri, Mitt Romney of Utah, and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.

They don’t want to dismiss either.

Blount said, “I think our members generally are not interested in a motion to dismiss. They think both sides need to be heard.”

That’s exactly what the Democrats in the House did NOT do.

These handfuls of Republicans want to give the impeachment respectability although there is no first-hand evidence and it has been a continuation of a witch hunt that began before the President was in office.

Some reports say that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has the votes to dismiss the articles outright, but others say he does not and might skip the vote to dismiss altogether.

McConnell continues to work with the White House because he says, “the House has done enough damage…the Senate is ready to fulfill our duty.”

He is referencing the damage to the presidency and the Constitution.

Why do they want to call witnesses when the House said they have more than enough to impeach Trump? Collins is understandable. She will barely hang on to her seat, if at all. Maine is deep blue now, but the others are just vindictive or want to put on a show of neutrality.

We do give credit to Leader McConnell. He has a tough crew to hold together.


Senate Majority Whip John Thune of South Dakota said Tuesday that he expects the Senate to engage in preliminary aspects of a trial this week but that it won’t get underway in earnest until Tuesday, after the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend, WaPo reported.

“I suspect that what will happen is, we’ll do the swearing-in and all that … and then probably start the trial next week, I would guess,” Thune said. “My guess is that we’ll preserve the holiday, and we’ll be back the day after.”

Thune said it remains unclear whether a trial could be wrapped up by Feb. 4, when Trump is scheduled to deliver a State of the Union address in the House chamber.



  1. It may be imprudent to restrict the witness list to the Bidens and even the whistleblower or IG. The Senate isn’t charged with conducting an investigation “during” the Impeachment trial. Neither of the Bidens can be questioned to any satisfactory degree in that setting without some prior background information. Therefore, the only investigative material that has been uncovered to date is through Giuliani via OANN. Because Giuliani’s name is included in testimony of the House, that alone, should compel the Senate to have him available at trial.

    As I recall, Senators have emphatically stated that Giuliani would, in no way, be called as a witness. This makes the Senate trial no more valid than that which was done in the House. It will, by definition, be an incomplete record. His name was banded about throughout House testimony and is, “a fact witness”, as Schiff is so fond of saying.

    Senators are clamoring all over the place that the trial needs to be fair and complete. Yet without exposing All the evidence there cannot be a fair trial but another staged show.

    The entire Impeachment, this time, is all about Ukraine. Because that is the center it is necessary to present everything that relates to the Articles. This would include all those involved, including the entire “interagency consensus” and their subversion of Presidential directives. When a bureaucrat complains the President did Not follow a “script” on a phone call, it suggests that was the impetus for the original complaint starting the entire Impeachment process. But the Senate, and McConnell seems to be pushing for a “quick end”.

  2. Raheem explains about Ukraine and why Lindsey Graham doesn’t want this coming out in a trial and says this can be done in hearings, which he’ll talk about but never do. It is this event that began everything up until now, overthrowing an elected President and the genocidal actions by the new President against the ethnic Russian population of the Donbass region. Then the blaming of a “Russian invasion” that never happened. I suspect the purpose of the original complaint and subsequent House actions was the fear that the President might “find” out too much. They know full well that he will not play their game and bend to the “consensus”.

  3. My thanks to Roy Blount(r-MO) for totally outing himself to me and the other voters of my home state. I now have a target for elimination in the next election. I’m hoping someone comes forward to primary this rino and, obviously, never-Trumper. They will get whatever energy and funds I can afford to remove him from office.
    I encourage every MO voter to work to see him retired from harming this nation by his actions.
    Be prepared, Roy, you’re done.
    Yes, I am pissed. Thank God for Josh Hawley. Hopefully, he stays the course he has shown thus far in supporting President Donald J. Trump.
    Just sayin’.

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