Nancy reacts to tearing up SOTU as Dems prove once again they are the haters


Speaker Pelosi added a snide comment to her vile performance at the end of yesterday’s speech. Within seconds of the President ending his State of the Union, she bolted out of her seat and started ripping up his speech for all the world to see. She also refused to introduce him with the usual honorifics.

Her reason for tearing up the speech was “because it was the courteous thing to do considering the alternatives.”

Trending on far-left Twitter this morning: #NancyPelosiIsADisgrace, #NancytheRipper, #PettyPelosi, #PelosiMeltdown. Within minutes, the leftists got the following to trend (they send memos to MoveOn and groups such as that): #NancyPelosiROCKS, #MadamSpeaker.

The President’s speech was a unifying one and it was a positive speech, yet she made it into something it wasn’t.

The Florida GOP tweeted: “While President Donald Trump delivered a unifying speech for all Americans, Speaker Pelosi devolved to immature and divisive actions by ripping up the SOTU speech, which included the names of people who have died and served our country.”

Democrats regularly declare we must restore dignity and honor to the White House and then they behave in a petty, childish manner, smirking, mocking, pointing, and getting on their phones during the SOTU. They walked out before the President honored our military men and women.

Hateful Democrats protested during the speech.

Look at the reaction from the women in white – far-left Democrat women — who apparently aren’t happy all these minority groups are succeeding.

When a 4th-grade child was awarded a scholarship, these haters remained seated.

All of this makes them look like the party of hate. These people probably lost some Independents and Democrats last night.

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