Good News! Doug Jones will vote to convict Trump, ending his own senatorial career


Doug Jones of Alabama, another fake moderate Democrat, announced he will vote to convict the President on both articles of impeachment.

His reason is the President’s actions “were more than simply inappropriate. They were an abuse of power.” He added that “impeachment is the only check on such presidential wrongdoing.”

“After many sleepless nights, I have reluctantly concluded that the evidence is sufficient to convict the President for both abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.”

If the President is guilty, it would have been nice to see the evidence. The set up by the fake whistleblower and the gossip by left-wing employees didn’t cut it.

Jones’ vote is great news. He just ensured his defeat in November. Trump won the state by 28 points in 2016. It’s still America in Alabama and it would be great if it stayed that way.

Jones would never have won but not for the problems with the Republican candidate, Judge Roy Moore. Moore was vilified in the media and by a few women decades after the fact.

The Alabama senator voted ‘no’ on Justice Kavanaugh, another victim of the hard-left.

Jones was another Soros candidate. He’s a fraud.




  1. Glad to see this simpleton “judge” is on his way out. Need to see who is running for election in his place in Alabama… I have heard of Doug Jones. Another one bought and paid for.

  2. Always remember that Doug Jones was a state and federal prosecutor before winning election as a Senator. How many men and women did he send to prison based on fake and falsified evidence? He is a fraudster and has shown he neither understands or supports the law. Every case he ever touched should be thoroughly reviewed for prosecutorial fraud and misconduct.

  3. He can join Billy Kristol in the cone of irrelevance reading old Weekly Standards. I laughed when I read the headline. Thanky.

  4. Alabama, all you fool Republicans who believed the lies of a few bimbos, abandoned a truly honorable man, Judge Roy Moore, whom you know served honorably and true to God in the Alabama state judicial system and elected Democrat Doug Jones to represent you in the US Senate. What else did you expect US senator Doug Jones would do in matters like this?

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