President accuses media of pushing quarantine to hurt his re-election


President Trump on Wednesday accused the media of pushing the quarantine to hamper the economy and harm his reelection chances.

He tweeted, “The LameStream Media is the dominant force in trying to get me to keep our Country closed as long as possible in the hope that it will be detrimental to my election success,” Trump tweeted without citing specific outlets or evidence. “The real people want to get back to work ASAP. We will be stronger than ever before!

The President knows that everything he says and does is used against him by the media.

The governors of liberal-leftist states are issuing the quarantines and are talking about keeping them going for months. It has the potential to destroy the middle class. Do they care? Is this what they want?

We won’t know if the President is correct in his accusation until this virus slows down. Right now we don’t have a handle on it in terms of numbers.

It is a serious illness, but when the President said he hopes we will get back to business by Easter, the media torched him for it. They lied and claimed he was going to go against the experts’ opinions and open up the government. The media actually accused the President of being willing to kill a million Americans to get back to business. He never said he would go against the advice of experts, only that he hoped they could get back to business.

In any case, it’s governors who issue and end quarantines, not the President.

The President has reason to suspect the motives of the press. They don’t want to be called the enemy of the people but then they act like the enemy.



  1. He had the stones to say it to a pressitute during the presser. I love this guy and don’t care if he loves Jews or P.T. Barnum or an ice cold Diet Coke.

  2. It’s not just the enemy of the people that defines them. They are evil. Only evil would wish harm and promulgate a narrative to accomplish it. There are those who say he is unhinged in those standoffs, but he is merely accommodating the press in the way he is treated and viewed. The media, and some in the public, assume he is incapable of tolerating any kind of critical media. If they would truly analyze his reactions it is clear he only responds when confronting nastiness. What the media NEVER plays is the very end of the briefing when he’s walking out. Many times it is no less than “heckling”, and Peter Alexander is the epitome of nasty heckling. What it teaches us is the American media have absolutely NO respect for “the office”. Otherwise they would act in such a manner. A respectful person doesn’t constantly interrupt a person when giving an answer. You are more concerned about having an argument and nothing more in that case.

    Are we Really suppose to believe the majority of the media when claiming the President is lying ALL the time. That is stretching opinions to beyond the extreme. Notice there is never specifics when making those accusations. Many times they will categorize something as a lie when it is merely his opinion on something. My opinion is the Media lies ALL the time, therefore they DO lie all the time.

    It just might be an improvement if the press weren’t so dense. They really have serious problems understanding what is said. I’m assuming the President has become more repetitive in his answers for just that reason. When he has to explain several times for them to understand that amounts to what we used to call, retards. I mean really, how many Damn times will they ask the question if he will reopen the country after the 15 days, and what metrics will he make that decision on. These are nothing more than facetious questions. I think more and more people are realizing the journalists in that room really have no idea what they are doing and just spouting questions to fulfill the need of being SO special.

    I must say it is pretty bold for the President to confront the antagonism he’s dealing with. This Paula Reid certainly is incapable of understanding what someone has written. Her question paraphrased in such a manner as to draw the wrong conclusion. His answer was nearly the same as the post. In any event, it is THE MEDIA that keeps harping on WHEN he will open it up for business. To show how utterly Ignorant they are, Has even ONE press person thought of asking even if he goes through with it that the Governors can still put in place their OWN policy. So whatever the President decides is moot. But I guess their little minds are only capable of holding two or three thoughts.

  3. The example of the question on the WHO director. If Trump was REALLY the person the press accuses him of being he would have castigated the director for being part of the problem. But what did Trump do. He praises him. If he is blaming China than it follow that director is also culpable because EVERYONE listens to that organization for guidance.

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