Naomi Wolf’s grim warning will wake up the most apathetic Americans



This video is very important! Author, former Democrat adviser, and woman of the Left is sounding the alarm about the imminent loss of our freedoms if we don’t take action.

We are at step 10.

Naomi Wolf warns that we are entering a police state. As one who has explored the hard left ideologies and written a book about it, she found there are ten steps every tyrant takes before there is no alternative. We are at step 10. There is only a small window in which people can fight back.

This is creeping tyranny. We have lived through terrible diseases and wars, but never have we locked down for months and months.

It is a great segment from the liberal, feminist author and former Bill Clinton advisor.

This is quite the interview:

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2 years ago

The Federal Government is a lost cause under Communist Democrat Wacko Control. The move back to normalcy must come from the States. The war has started. The shooting begins when the Democrats feel brave enough to sent the Military into a State. With so much total dependence on Government the casualties from people simply starving to death in the cities will be in the tens of millions. At this point, it won’t take much to set off this barn fire. We saw how just a week without supplies during last week’s storm can totally cripple Big Blue American Cities. The People need to let their Congressmen know that the People have no confidence in the present Government and Governors need to find some backbone. I was appalled at Gov. Abbott not telling Traitor Joe to pack sand. Gov. Abbott should have had all Texas fossil fuel generating plants go 100% to keep the power on. No one should ever freeze to death in their home when the Government can prevent it.