Nashville bomber made bombs last year, police notified the FBI but records are missing


The Nashville bomber was making bombs last year, and his girlfriend told the police, the NY Times reports.

Officers visited the home of Anthony Warner after his girlfriend said he was producing explosives in his R.V., according to a police report. They said then that there was no evidence of a crime.

You’re allowed to make bombs? But I can’t have a gun for self-defense? No, actually, it’s illegal federally, so where were the Feds? They don’t know and can’t find the records.

According to a document filed with the Metro Nashville Police Department, a lawyer for the girlfriend told police officers that her boyfriend, Anthony Warner, “frequently talks about the military and bomb-making.” The call to the police was reported on Tuesday by The Tennessean and WTVF-TV, a Nashville station.

The officers who responded to the call notified their superiors within the Police Department. The incident report and Mr. Warner’s information were sent to the F.B.I., which said on Tuesday that it and the Defense Department found no records on Mr. Warner after receiving a request from the police on Aug. 22.

City council member, Bob Mendes, criticized the police because we always need to blame someone other than the perpetrator.

The bomber — alleged — only had one 1978 marijuana arrest and nothing criminal since.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

I make no assumptions about the “bombing”. A key AT&T facility which houses surveillance equipment and data was hit. For the FBI to ignore reports on the man indicates complicity. For a man with nearly no record to blow imself up and a building while playing a recording warning people to flee and stating no motive seems silly.

Spandau Ballet Remains True
Spandau Ballet Remains True
2 years ago

The FIB? Weren’t they busy trying to overthrow a duly elected president?
Or they were working on how to work a garage pull at a race car track?
Maybe looking the other way as the CCP infiltrated everything?
It is raining out and I must do some more archive archaeology and find that Mulder and Scully ass bumping FBI LOL! protomeme.
In time as a school buddy who owns a dry cleaners treated my puffy coat with the last can of Scotch-Guard and the water rolls right off.