Bill Gates’ baboonish plan to play around with the sun’s rays begins


De-population guru, Bill Gates, among others, is backing the Harvard Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment to engineer the sun’s rays. The SCoPEx, Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment, is researching a form of “geoengineering” to prevent global warming. They want to spray tiny particles into the air to reflect sunlight and make the earth cooler. Then they’ll fly balloons 12 miles above Sweden to gather data.

This would be an experiment that would affect the entire earth. What could possibly go wrong? Of course, no one has any say over this except the billionaires.

The Left is concerned that it will keep people from cutting back on carbon emissions. Others are concerned for legitimate reasons.

“Swedish society is increasingly calling for real, immediate solutions to climate change,” (Niclas Hällström, director of the Swedish green think-tank WhatNext?) said – such as a rapid transformation away from fossil fuels and toward a zero-carbon society.

Hällström said the Harvard project “represents the polar opposite”, as it could create the impression that continuing use of fossil fuels is possible.

We’re like baboons playing with bombs. No thanks.

We’re going to experiment on sunlight globally without extensive research.

As for political solutions, that’s just feeding into the Left’s Global Reset. The biggest polluters China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Russia will not cripple their economies. The morons are the Western control freaks.

Our scientists claiming we have ten years to live on this planet as we know it were wrong. This is more from the party of extremism. Someone needs to be the adult and tell them to stop.


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