Radical leftists disrupt Mt Rushmore celebration of American Independence


The live video of the events at Mt. Rushmore is at the end of this article. You can watch the President and the fireworks below. But we also included a video of the lunatics disrupting the event.

These people are a disgrace. Our choice in November is clear. Choose a president who loves America and wants to rejoice in this great country or choose a senile man who will serve as a puppet of the far-left you see ‘demonstrating’ here.

Radicals, including some ‘Native-Americans’ allegedly, disabled vans slashed the tires and left them in the entrance, blocking it. A few dozen ‘protesters’ backed up traffic for miles. It was shut down for three hours and the ACLU is promising to bail out any ‘protesters.’ All the protesters were finally arrested, but the roads are still blocked and people who traveled to the event might not make it.

The ‘protest’ leader wouldn’t move his leftist lunatic friends. These are the Democrats’ militia. If you like what you see, vote for Democrats.

“One of the female protesters is singing an Indian war song. A number of protesters have put on gas masks and weighted-knuckle gloves. Weird scene,” Ian Cheong writes on Twitter.

The riot police arrived and were making arrests in this clip.

Police were warning them, but the leftists want this scene so they can say the President gassed or arrested indigenous people on Independence Day. That’s how the left operates to deceive the American public. They’re astroturf setting up fake photo-ops.

Only small smoke bombs were set off.


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