Nasty CNN reporter shills for communist China with gotcha questions


Reporter Jeremy Diamond is a CNN White House correspondent and, like the rest of the nasty leftist media, he is out to insult and argue with the president.

Diamond, a propagandist for China, hit the president with a gotcha question at the end of yesterday’s press conference on the Wuhan Virus. The shills for communist China on social media are thanking him for arguing disrespectfully with the president.

Watch this snide reporter do the bidding of CNN’s Zucker in the first clip. He wanted to know if the president was duped by China. The president explained the media were the ones who were duped by China.

He also told these people they were “pathetic.”


President Trump had played a clip of Governor Cuomo in which the NY governor complimented the president. The media hates all compliments for the president. Their job is to take away any of the positive press he might receive, deserved or not.

In the clip he played, Governor Cuomo references what a great partner the federal government was and how amazing the results were from everyone working together. The governor compliments everyone who made this happen.

Watch the clip and see what you think. Cuomo is complimenting everyone who flattened the curve of the virus in New York.


President Trump is allowed to play a clip where he receives a well-deserved compliment for working as a partner.

The media disagrees.

This reporter just kept it up, making a name for himself.

“Do you think it’s right to play a self-congratulatory video when 41,000 people have died?” Diamond asked.

President Trump told Diamond he was CNN, therefore he was fake news. Trump added, “You’re fake news and you don’t have the brains you were born with.”

The idiot (Vanderpool) who posted the clip below of the incident thinks President Trump went “ape-shit” because he said it like it is. I’m so sick of these constant vicious attacks by the press. They are disgusting and obnoxious. Diamond got called out for being the dope he is.


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