Nasty Reporter Lawrence O’Donnell Caught Abusing Staff


A reddit commenter said he was immediately banned from r/politcs by mod /u/BB-r8 after posting an article that contained leaked video of MSNBC’S Lawrence O’Donnell railing abusively against staffers while he was reporting on President Trump [false reporting we might add].

Actually, that thread bans people pretty easily but it’s against the rules to post things not tied to politics. Though O’Donnell was reporting about Trump, he is not a politician.

However, more interesting than that is the meltdown which is indicative of this arrogant reporters character. [As an aside, the President did not meet with hurricane victims on the 31st on advice to not pull resources by traveling to the areas hit. He did meet with  them three days later.]

Next is what MSM, or specifically MSN, calls a reporter these days. He did apologize but who cares, this is who he is – an abusive, arrogant boss. This is the type of arrogant media personality who wants to tell us all what we should think.

As far as the reddit user, the “banning” seems like overkill but it’s not for us to say. Not a surprise this video was dumped however.

These are the messages he received:

It gets thorny here. The only thing uncivil is O’Donnell.


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