National Guard with Unloaded Guns Help Smugglers at the Banks of the Rio Grande, as Cartels Roam Free in the US


Our National Guard stands at the banks of the Rio Grande with unloaded guns and watch Mexican smugglers load up rafts, which they then help unload onto American soil.

~ Carolina Serrano, Townhall

Carolina Serrano, writing for Townhall, described seeing our National Guard helping smugglers. that “Those in charge of our country are not interested in you or your grievances.”

She continued. “They’re interested in one thing: fundamentally transforming this country and all but guaranteeing the demise of western civilization. The shifting demographic of this nation will ensure that the United States of America as we know it will disappear. Millions have invaded our country, possessing no allegiance to this nation or its history and as people with little in common are forced to live together, not even speaking the same language, cultural clashes will ensue.”

She saw the normalizing of crime, raped women and young girls, girls as young as eight. In La Joya, cartels roam freely. Our law enforcement has their hands tied and the cartels buy the best lawyers, exploit American laws, and work with our corrupt government.

Breitbart reported that they witnessed human smugglers transporting more than 100 illegal immigrants by ferry into Roma, Texas, Monday night in an incident captured in exclusive video showing coordination with National Guard members.

The video, posted by Breitbart Texas on Tuesday, revealed numerous migrants crossing from Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas, into Roma after being smuggled into the U.S.

“The smugglers openly communicate with the soldiers and Border Patrol agents, coordinating where to beach the raft so children can easily climb the riverbank,” Breitbart Texas reported.

“Once on dry land, soldiers and Border Patrol agents march the migrants downtown and take basic biographical information,” it added.

The smuggling has continued despite a strong push by Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott to stop the surge of illegal immigrants entering its state.

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