School District Spies on Parents Who Disagree With Them, Tracks Them for Police


According to the Daily Caller, emails uncovered by a parents group revealed that Chandler Unified School District’s director of school safety, Tanya Smith, was in contact with Chandler police Sgt. Greg Howarth in April and May as parents were protesting against mask mandates in schools.

It also involved a long battle over the racist critical race theory and a teacher training program called “Deep Equity.”

When parents revolted, Tanya Smith exchanged emails with police, asking them to provide information on parents groups as the mask mandate battle intensified.

She would make Attorney General Merrick Garland proud.

In a May 4 email, Smith notified police of a May 12 board meeting dealing with mask mandates. She said she was scouring social media to see who would attend and asked law enforcement, “If you hear anything specific, can you please let us know.”

“Hours later, Howarth said that he had access to the websites of concerned parent groups and would ‘be monitoring all of them’ and updating the district,” the Daily Caller reported.

“In a separate email, Smith told Howarth that CUSD governing board member Jason Olive was in conversations with a school board member in a separate district who had access to a parent Facebook group. Olive’s inside source claimed that CUSD’s governing board meeting would be the next ‘target’ of parent activists who wanted to end mandatory masking.”

On May 27, Howarth emailed police Lt. Jason Sieczkowski about three parents groups — a progressive group police didn’t care about and two traditional American groups labeled “disruptors.”

One of the “disruptors” was called Patriot Party of Arizona.

What is clear, however, is that the group was considered a threat by Chandler police in part because of the Southern Poverty Law Center. The corrupt communists of the SPLC put the group on a “hate watch.”

Some groups on the hate watch are sketchy but all you have to do to get on the list is to reject their ideology on vaccines, open borders, and so on.

Howarth said CUSD should “cut the mic” on parents speaking at meetings without a mask.

“If someone doesn’t comply and you want them removed from the property let us know,” Howarth said. “If they fail to leave let us know that you want them trespassed and we can do that.”

District parent Jennifer Alvey called the coordination with police and threats of arrest “egregious.”

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2 years ago

Guess what the Nazis did in 1930’s Germany?

2 years ago

Obviouly, the solutioni s to organize and remove the school board members by recallwhere available of at the next election. That is the move that will cure a lot of these problems. Currently, there is an incestuous relationship between school boards and teachers unions. That can be broken with a little activism on the part of parents and their supporters.