‘National suicide’ as science abandons meritocracy for diversity


There are many examples of the politicization of science and it is destroying science. Without science, society cannot move forward.

There are relentless attacks on it. Take COVID as one example. Politicians used the illness for political gain. They encouraged riots against Donald Trump but banned protests against the left. Americans were told they couldn’t see loved ones, get elective surgeries, or go to church, but they could go to facilities with alcohol, pot, and porn.

Blue states arbitrarily shut down their states, destroying small businesses, the backbone of capitalism. They opened the borders and allowed criminals to run rampant.

Scientists backed them up. Scientists and the CDC abandoned America and science for far-left politics.

Take a top neurological journal’s view of Voodoo as an example of the trend:

The paper was accurate, but accuracy and facts are not that important under this new leadership.

The premier ‘Nature Magazine’ doesn’t look for the best, they look for black candidates.

Heather McDonald discusses the nominee for the Office of Science in the Department of Energy in the clip below as a case in point. The nominee is a black woman with no knowledge of Physics or any background running a large, bureaucratic highly important agency. She’s a soil geologist who is known for diversity and transforming workplace climate.

“Diversity is code for race and sex preferences,” McDonald says. China is opting for meritocracy and we’re opting for diversity, she says. Diversity and meritocracy can’t co-exist and this is suicide, she says.

We don’t recruit top talent, instead, we’re socially engineering by sex and race, two unimportant qualities that have nothing to do with science.

We’re infesting our science establishment with the disease of diversity and totalitarianism.


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